Access internet from anywhere with the Fastel 3G USB Modem. It works with all wireless telephone technology from 2G upto 3.5G. Get a maximum of 7.2 Mbps download.
    Insert SIM card of your choice and start surfing the web!

    Add a Micro SD card and use the same device as a memory stick. read more


    The fastel team is constantly looking for new technology and innovative ways of implementing them. Many of our products are still under research and development.


    Fastel India is looking for capable wholesale dealers across various parts of India (mainly Kerala) and also across other parts of the world.read more


Fastel GPS/GSM vehicle tracker

Track you fleet through a web interface from anywhere across the globe. Be notified through SMS and/or Internet, if any one of your vehicle is speeding or has entered a place where it isn't supposed to be.read more

Fastel SMS Printer

Instantly print  every order you recieve from your customers.  Mainly used by restaurants and at places where customer orders are to be printed..read more

Fastel GSM Tracker

A low-cost alternative to GPS Trackers.It uses cell broadcast (tower location) to locate itself.
read more