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Our Goal

Fastel, founded by Abdul Khader Firshad Kota and Mohammed Khalander Sadique in October 2005, is an organization aimed at providing solutions and products for business, non-profit organizations and individuals through the use of current telecommunication technologies. Starting from the Fastel vehicle tracking system, our organization now has products covering from GSM Wireless Terminal to GSM Phone and still continue to grow.

About Fastel Products

Most products from Fastel are manufactured in India - mainly Banglore.

Organization Members (Incomplete)

Abdul khader firshad kota
Abdul khader firshad kota started his career in 2005 and active member of Fastel India since 2007.Throughout his career, he has been at the forefront of industry thinking, representing organisations and leading participation. He has extensive entrepreneurial experience in Accounting, telecommunications, e-commerce and marketing management. He holds a degree in Accounting & statistics from the University of Mangalore and earned his MBA from University of Manipal.
Firshad also has done CA articleship from Southern India Regional Council under Institute of chartered accountant of india (ICAI new delhi).

Future Development

Most of our products are still in its research phase and yet to be made commercial.