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About Fastel G2800

What is FWP (Fixed Wireless Phone)?

As the name suggests, FWPs are phones that do not have a direct cable connection to the network provider but instead has a wireless connection.The Fastel G2800 uses a SIM card to establish connection with a GSM network.

Like mobile phones, Fastel G2800 can use SIM cards of any network provider and can call any FWP or mobile phone with mobile-to-mobile call rates.

Fastel G2800

Advantages of FWPs over Landline telephones

  • Can be used where no fixed lines are available or to save expensive fixed line subscription fees,No line layout is required and can be installed easily and fast.
  • Landline phones are prone to cable cuts,channel disruptions example - during rainfall etc.
  • Mobile to landline or landline to mobile call rates are expensive as compared to mobile-to-mobile calls.
  • You can choose discounts and offers in call rates as offered by your network provider which will further reduce your call expenses.
  • SMS can be sent and recieved by FWPs.This reduces the dependency on voice mails when the person whom you are trying to call is not answering.
  • Supports GPRS through USB port.

Advantages of Fastel G2800 over other FWPs

FWPs of most network providers comes with a built-in SIM card that cannot be removed.On the contrary, Fastel G2800 can use any SIM card.

What more?

The Fastel G2800 is not only designed for home users but also for business users and PCO users.

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Complete technical specifications can be found in the zip file provided below.