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About Fastel G3800

What is FCT (Fixed Cellular Terminal)?

FCT is a micro controller based equipment interfaced to and to an ordinary POST telephone to transmit voice and data using the GSM network. The FCT is PBX compatible with (trunk line) in most analogue and digital PBXs in the market.

Fastel G3800 FCT uses a SIM card to establish connection with a GSM network.Like mobile phones, Fastel G3800 can use SIM cards of any network provider and can call any Land phone and mobile phone with mobile-to-mobile call rates.

Fastel G3800 FCT

How does it work?

Fixed cellular terminals divert mobile traffic from your fixed line phones through a SIM card in the fixed cellular terminal allowing you to take advantage of the cost of mobile to mobile call instead of a fixed line to mobile call.

Benefits of using Fastel G3000

The FCT offer a simple, cost-saving solution for utilizing the benefits of GSM through your landline phones. The Fixed Cellular Terminal is a simple, cost-saving solution, which serves as a gateway between a GSM network.

The Fixed Cellular Terminal can route incoming and out going calls via the mobile telephone network, providing a cost effective alternative for fixed-to-mobile or mobile-to-fixed telephone calls. Not only do you save in landline-to-GSM charges, but you can also exploit GSM features in your landline environment with the use of GSM fixed cellular terminal.
  • Slash your GSM -targeted call costs.
  • Make the most of GSM features and services.
  • Avoid delay and expense of landline installation.
  • Easy to install, configure, and maintain

The benefit of a fixed cellular terminal is purely cost. The average cost of a call from a fixed line to a mobile is 1.4 however with a Fixed Cellular Terminal this cost can be cut to an average of 0.6. A saving of over 50%.

Who is it for?

A fixed cellular terminal would most suit for those who make a lot of calls from fixed line phones to fixed wireless phone and mobile phones.
It may be used in:
  • Business houses with multiple locations
  • Banks
  • Telecom Service providers
  • News Agencies
  • Broadcasting companies
  • Event Management organizations
  • Community Phones
  • M2M applications
  • Call shops / Teleboutiques / Bureaus
  • Office/ Shops
  • Home

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