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GPS/SMS Based Tracking System

May 29, 2010

What is Fastel GPS/GSM VTS (Vehicle Tracking system)?

The Fastel GPS/GSM Vehicle Tracker is a GPS plus GSM tracker that combines the advantages of GPS systems and the Fastel GSM VTS. It uses both GPRS and SMS based tracking.

Fastel GPS Tracker


  • Track you vehicle or a fleet of vehicles from anywhere across the world through Internet. In case the unit cannot connect through GPRS, you still can track your vehicle(s) through SMS.
  • Internal battery backup. You can also connect any external battery of your choice.
  • Monitor inputs from other equipment in the vehicle, including alarms,doors,refrigeration,fuel meter etc.
  • Monitor duration, length of trips and speed of vehicle.
  • Administrator and authorized users can call the unit and talk to the driver.

Alert functions

  • Movement Alert: Send SMS to the unit to start the movement alert function. When the vehicle is moving, the unit will send the movement alert to all authorized numbers.
  • Geofencing: Be alerted through internet (and optionally through SMS) when a vehicle is somewhere it shouldn't be.
  • Over-speed alert: Be alerted through internet (and optionally through SMS) when a vehicle is over-speeding.
  • Triggering Emergency Alarm: In case of emergency, user can push the SOS button on the unit and it will send out alarm (a Call or SMS) to the administrator.
  • SOS Emergency Feature (Optional) : When SOS Button is pressed on the unit, it will send emergency alert to server via GPRS. Emergency alert SOS SMS is also sent to concerned person directly to predefined configured numbers.

Theft detection/prevention features

  • Remote Monitoring: Call the unit and you can monitor the sound within the vehicle around 5 meter.
  • Triggering Emergency Alarm: In case the unit is disconnected from the primary power supply, it sends out an alarm (a call or SMS) to the administrator.
  • In case of theft, engine can be switched off (and also can be switched on) through SMS.

Web Tracking Features

  • Real Time Tracking: Find where your vehicle's current location which auto-updates itself.
  • History Tracking: Past Movement and information of vehicle is stored and can be checked anytime later.
    • Map features
    • User can add POI (Point of Interest) Locations on the map to quickly search particular locations.
    • Planned route can be added directly on the map and can be associated with vehicle.
    • Geo-fence areas can be directly marked on the MAP.
    • User can also visually mark points on the map and find distance of the actual route.
  • Report Generation: Report can be viewed directly from web site or downloaded as Excel or PDF format. We also provide report filters so that you can view the reports specific to your needs. For example, report for a particular day, or month.
    Some of the report types are listed here :
    • Vehicle activity report - Position of vehicle with respect to date & time and all parameters like ignition, ACC, Air Conditioner etc.
    • SOS Report - Report of emergency SOS generated with respect to date & time.
    • POI Reports - List of POI, Vehicle reached to particular to POI report
    • Stop Time report - Date time & duration of stoppage along with locations.
    • Over Speed report - Over speeding at which location at what time
    • Geo-Fence Violation report
    • Route Violation report
    • Distance traveled report - Km. travelled between given time duration, daily or monthly.
    • Toll Stations report
Click here to track your vehicle. (Note: You should be using Internet explorer 4.0 or above). For more information feel free to contact us. For contact details, click here