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SMS Based Vehicle Tracking

May 12, 2010

What is Fastel GSM VTS (Vehicle Tracking system)?

The Fastel GSM Tracking system keeps track of your vehicle by requesting location information from available GSM networks.The Fastel GSM vehicle tracker installed in your vehicle can return the location string through SMS.

What is GPS (Global Positioning System)?

GPS is mainly used for finding the current location of a GPS module(or reciever).It works on the principle of finding the time difference between a signal (EM waves) sent to a GPS satellite and the signal recieved from the satellites.To accurately find the current location of the GPS module at least 4 GPS satellites are needed and the time must be syncronized.Most GPS modules then find the current latitude and longitude and traces the location on the world map.

Disadvantages of GPS

  • Connection to internet is required which may be an expensive choice for individuals and small companies.
  • Weak GPS signal is a common problem at many places in India.
  • Even with GPS and an updated map, it still may be difficult to say where your vehicle is, especially in a huge country like India where there are thousands of villages and cities.Your map (even Google Maps) may only have the name of the city or district where your vehicle is in (or even worse a nearby city) and can't get more accurate. Tracking becomes difficult when you can't readily say the location of your vehicle.
  • GPS Trackers, even the cheapest, cost approximately $100 that only returns the GPS coordinates.With the cheaper ones, the user has to do the extra effort of accessing the internet (or accessing an offline map) to find the location.

Advantages of the Fastel GSM vehicle tracker over GPS

  • Fastel GSM vehicle tracker returns the tower location.Even in the rural areas in India there is at least 1 tower at every 2 km radius.In cities the tower densties are higher.Example : If you were at the 100 meter road in Banglore you would get the location string as "100m Road" and different location strings before and after crossing the road.
  • Cheap solution, as compared to most GPS Trackers available in the market and no monthly costs spent on accessing internet.The only cost is that of the Fastel GSM vehicle tracker and the number of SMS sent.
  • Reliable : Gives reasonably accurate location information, and works everywhere (as long as the vehicle tracker is within network coverage)
  • Fast Solution : You do not have to spend time checking your vehicle's location on any map.
Note: Fastel GSM vehicle tracker cannot give you the accuracy of a GPS tracker, (and we are not trying to achieve such accuracy).It is used where an approximation of your vehicle location is sufficient.It is a low cost alternative for GPS trackers.

In which countries,does the GSM vehicle tracker work?

The GSM vehicle tracker has been tested and verified to work with almost all network providers in India and Etisalat in the U.A.E. It would work in every country where GSM 2G network towers and locational services are available.

How much does it cost?

It costs 2700 Indian Rupees. For contact details, click here.