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About Fastel SMS Printers

Fastel SMS Printer is an independent SMS printer, allowing print outs of received SMS.

Feature List

  • Be applicable to GSM850/900/1800 MHz Networks
  • Platen removal mechanism, easy loading paper and maintenance
  • Two Keys for (Accept/Reject) for SMS handling
  • Prints SMS messages on 58mm wide paper
  • Standalone device, no PC required
  • Automated SMS response for the SMS received depending upon the Key Activity ( Accept/Reject)


Suitable for:
  • Restaurant to receive order either Directly from the customer or from a website dispatchers
  • Company to receive order from website dispatch and send advertising SMS
  • Shopping on Internet
  • Any Other situation where SMS need to be sent to remote party

How much does it cost?

Talk to one of our sales staff or contact us through email. For contact details, click here.

Technical Specifications

Fastel SMS Printer.pdf