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Fastel 3G USB Modem

Plug in the USB modem and browse the internet where ever you go with 3G technology. Use the same device as a memory stick. Read more about 3G USB Modem

Fastel Vehicle Tracking System

Track your vehicle where ever it is and from anywhere on the globe. Read more about GPS/GSM Tracker

To track your vehicle click here.

A quick and low-cost solution for tracking your vehicle. Read more about GSM Tracker

Fastel G2800 FWP and G3800 FCT

Worried about your soaring telephone bills? Looking for a simple and intuitive solution for the problem? Find out how the Fastel G2800 FWP and G3800 FCT can cut down telephone costs.
Read more about Fastel FWP and Fastel FCT

Fastel SMS Printer

See how an SMS printer can help your business.Read more

Fastel Butler paging system

Read more